Monday, June 27, 2011

Friday: Pesto Pasta

Pin It Now! My week of Italian cooking has come to an end.  :(  But, I'm already looking forward to next week:  burger week baby!  The hubby is all fired up about that one!  So, on to the final dish on the menu.

A couple months ago, I made this delicious dish.  I really enjoyed the taste and was surprised to find that I actually do like pesto.  Not to mention, this recipe for pesto is a fantastic twist to traditional basil based pesto sauces.  With all of the heavy meals on this week's menu, I thought this would be a great way end the week.  Light and lovely.  
A nice fresh salad would go great with this...topped with some parm cheese.

Felice per la cottura! (Happy Cooking!) Pesto Pasta

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