Monday, January 16, 2012

Chocolate-Rasberry Crescents

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There isn't much to do here in Yanbu, Saudi us ladies find ways to keep ourselves occupied.  One of those ways is to have a ladies get together once a month.  We all meet at a house just for us...nicknamed "the Little House" and have tea, coffee and snacks.  It's a lot of fun and we enjoy getting to visit.  Not to mention...the women here can COOK!  I mean, seriously, there are some amazing dishes each time.  (I'm never going to get in shape again at this rate!)  LOL
A few months back I signed up to get the Pillsbury daily email.  Usually its all kinds of pastry goodies that I know I shouldn't be making.  But, the other day they had some crescent rolls filled with fruit roll ups.  Man, did they look good.  Then I got depressed because I hadn't seen and refrigerated crescent rolls here.  (and there is no way I'm making those puppies from scratch...I'll leave that to my Greek friend here who is a killer baker).
Anyway, the other day the hubby had to run to the store and I asked him, in the off chance there might be some, to look for the crescent rolls.  He came home with two!!!  I was so happy.  I knew I was going to use them to make something for the ladies.
Now, I don't think I now a woman who doesn't like chocolate.  ;)  So I used some hazelnut spread and some chocolate with a creamy raspberry filling.  They turned out super yummy (or so I was told)  :)  I also made some with the hazelnut spread and peanut butter.  (hubby liked those better)  The only thing is that they didn't puff up and get super flaky.  I think the spread was a bit heavy.  Next time I may adjust the amount.  But all in all, they were a big hit. (and simple enough for my horrible baking skills to pull off!)  Now, here's the best part, you can really experiment and fill these with just about anything!  Plus...don't just think sweet...savory filling would be awesome too (I plan to try that next time I get my hands on more rolls).
Happy baking!  

2 cans refrigerated crescent rolls
hazelnut spread
egg white
granulated sugar
confectioners sugar

Pop open the cans of rolls and carefully unroll the pastry.  
Spread about a tablespoon of hazelnut spread along the triangle.
Add your fave candy along the bottom.  (I used a crunched up chocolate square that had raspberry filing)
Gently roll up the crescent (following the directions on the can)
This next part is up to you...for some, I brushed with egg white only and the others I gently pressed in some granulated sugar and then brushed with the egg white.
Follow package directions for baking.
Afterwards, I drizzled some with a bit more hazelnut spread and sprinkled some confectioners sugar on top.

Simple, easy, delicious.  :)



Alessandra said...

These look really tempting to make, my only fear is eating too many by myself lol:)

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