Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday: Traditional Tuscan Pasta Bolognese

Pin It Now! Okay, I've made this dish twice now.  Both times no one could stop eating it.  Didn't matter if you were full, you went back for more.  Honest.  I'm just warning you now...this is a food coma dish.  And I can't wait to indulge again tonight!  
Catering to my father-in-law again (and loving that I can make pasta even if the hubby doesn't want it...his daddy carries the trump card!)  :) 

Now, I'll mention again, the directions for this look wicked long and hard.  They aren't, it's actually an extremely easy dish to make.  This dish is one of those put in the time and love and you are rewarded with an amazing dinner.  
Another note, don't skimp on anything.  Especially the salt.  I know it seems like a lot...but it's just perfect.  If anything, make this your "bad" dish of the week and eat low-sodium the rest.  ;)  And make sure you really brown the veggies and the meat.  Makes a huge difference.

Buona cucina!  (happy cooking!)

Traditional Tuscan Pasta Bolognese

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