Thursday, May 5, 2011

Making the most of Fresh Corn

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I love corn, any kind really, but fresh sweet corn is just amazing.  With corn season coming up the stores and farmers are going to have some great corn at great prices.  This year, I decided I am going to take advantage of all that delicious (and cheap) corn!  Many of my recipes (soups in particular) ask for fresh corn, but who wants to pay a buck an ear in November just to make a yummy soup?  Not me.  (not our grocery budget either)  So, this year I'm going to stock up on the fresh stuff...and freeze it!  If there was ever a time that I wanted to get a vacu-seal, it's now.  But there is no way we can afford one, so, I'll stick to good'ol ziplock bags and do my best to get all the air out.
And since I wasn't sure of the proper way to freeze my corn, here's a great link with step by step instructions on freezing your fresh corn.  

How to freeze your own corn from corn-on-the-cob (directions, recipe, with photos and free)

I have no problem just using the knife to cut the corn off, but if you're looking for some tools to help you, check out these items...and the gorgeous food saver that maybe one day I'll own:
(note, I'm not paid by these guys to promote these items, just wanted to share them with you.)
Happy Cooking!

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