Monday, May 23, 2011

A Cheesy Giveaway!!!

Pin It Now! It's giveaway time!  Real California Cheese has sent me this wonderful little gift basket for one of my lucky blog readers to receive!  They are promoting their milk and cheese line.  Here's what's in the basket:

A beautiful cheese plate, a gorgeous cheese knife, an adorable stuffed cow (that talks!), 4 delicious chocolate straws, a variety of recipes for cheese and milk, a small insulated bag (perfect for snacks!), a handy reusable bag, plus over $5 worth of coupons towards their products!

So, I know you're wondering...what do you have to do to win?  It's amazingly simple!  Just go to the link on my blog "Share Your Recipe."  Share your favorite recipe that has one of the main ingredients being CHEESE!  (don't forget to include a photo of your dish!!)  And it doesn't have to be an original can submit any recipe that you really love!  One recipe will be chosen at random to be the winner and feature their recipe on the blog!  
Deadline for the giveaway is June get your recipe in today!  (click Read More for additional photos of the items)

Cheese Knife and Plate

Adorable talking Cow!

Snack pack

A variety of recipes

Chocolate Straws

Money saving coupons!!

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