Monday, April 18, 2011

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner

Pin It Now! I have become slightly obsessed with eggs...I eat some almost every day.  Trying to find new fun ways to make them.  I could save time and buy pre-made hash browns, but I want to make my own (healthier too).  So, aside from shredding the potatoes, (which my mandolin will make quick work of...) this recipe is a breeze to make.  I'm going to double the recipe to serve four.  Prob serve with a side of turkey breakfast sausage and a nice cold glass of OJ.  :)   (you could also sprinkle some bacon on top for some added flavor)

Hash-Brown Eggs (recipe adapted from Food Network)


Fry 2 cup each chopped onion and grated potato in a cast-iron skillet with butter until crisp. Add 1 cup grated cheddar.  Make 4 small dents in potato with a spoon and crack in 4 eggs. Bake at 425 degrees F until set; top with salsa.
*My Note:  This recipe was originally set for two people, I have changed to serve four.


Click and Cook said...

This turned out awful...see my post "Dinner Fail" No such thing as quick and easy here. (maybe pre-made hash browns would have made a difference...) I'd like to try this again...but not till I figure out what went so wrong. If you make this and get it right...please share!!!

Judy S. said...

Well at least you were honest!! Thanks for the heads up!

Click and Cook said...

I'm sure this is a good dish...I just butchered it! LOL have to work on my hash brown skills!

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