Thursday, April 21, 2011


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SO frustrated!!  I so hate when a dish just doesn't come out right (yes, I'm a bloody perfectionist)...I mean not even close.  I tried to make a "quick and easy" hash-brown and egg dish.  Quick and easy my ass.  I figured I could just shred the potatoes and throw them in the cast iron skillet and they'd brown.  Um, NO.  They weren't looking good so I googled it.  Found out I had done it all wrong.  So, I dumped the whole thing in the sink.  (thank goodness I had bought extra potatoes).  I started over.

Thinking this is going to work this time, I tried to get them to brown.  Nope, not happening, at least not like the pix on the blog I was using for reference.  So I figured, screw it, my kids won't know they are supposed to be all crispy.  I add the cheese and crack four eggs on top.  Put it in the oven.
Now, I've never baked eggs before.  So I keep looking at the hell do you know if the whites are set???  Tried to google luck.  I end up overcooking the eggs.

I dish out servings for me and the girls.  The eggs taste like rubber, the hash browns were mush, and the onions mixed in gave a horrible taste.  Dinner review: Awful!!  For the first time, I gave my kids something else to eat other than what I'd made.  (good thing I had other leftovers in the fridge).

Will I make this again, has potential...but I need to figure out what went wrong.  Yuck, I can still taste it.  Time for a glass of wine.
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