Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunny-Shaped Egg Recipe

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Okay, these were just too cute not to share!  What a fun snack for your little ones, and the best part is that they can help you make them!  Ridiculously easy to make too!  

Recipe and photo courtesy of Parents Magazine 
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Carrots for ears
  • Snap peas for nose
  • Cabbage for tail
  • Cheese for eyes
What to Do:
  1. Hard boil eggs and let cool.  Remove shells. If your bunnies will not be presented in an egg dish, then cut a very thin slice from the bottom of the egg (lengthwise) so egg will not roll around.
  2.  Cut thin carrot slices and shape into rabbit ears with a knife, making sure one end is very pointy. Insert pointy ends into egg for ears.  Cut off tip of snap pea for nose.  Push the pointed end into the front end of the egg.  Make a small round tail from a white piece of cabbage, once again making a pointed end to push into the back of the egg.  For eyes, cut two small little circles, using a small straw as a cutter, from your slice of cheese.  Make sure the egg is not wet when you set the cheese eyes in place or they may slide out of place.
  3.  Other veggies may be substituted for the nose and tail.


Judy S. said...

Are these making it out to your Easter??

Click and Cook said...

Actually, no. But, I may do it for my kids lunch! I'm in Vegas with family for Easter and we will be making some awesome mini cakes...pix and recipe to come! :)

Alisa said...

This is wonderful! Would love to try making this with my nephew and niece.

Click and Cook said...

Alisa...I'd love to hear how they turn out! :)

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