Monday, July 25, 2011

Grandma's Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (aka Pigs In the Blanket)

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A few weeks ago, I made a stuffed cabbage recipe.  It was really good, but I kept grandma's is SO much better!  LOL  (of course the other recipe was way different than grandma's)  My hubby loves cabbage, so I figured why not give grandma's recipe a go!
My mom called her up on the phone to get the recipe to relay it to me.  (yes, I could have called too, but my mom wanted to chat with her anyway)  :)  Here's the thing, this is one of those good ol' family recipes that was never really written down.  It was just taught.  My grandmother is 87 years old and still lives in her own house.  She has so many wonderful recipes that we are trying to get written down so we can keep cooking them for years to come!
We did our best to come up with an ingredient list and good directions for you.  This is not a hard dish to make by any means, but it is time consuming.  It could seem daunting as you read through the directions, but keep in mind, we're adding extra info to help you make the dish easier.
Can't wait for my house to be filled with the smell of memories in my grandma's kitchen.  So lucky to still have her around to share her recipes with us!

1 head of green cabbage
2lbs ground beef
1 1/2 cups uncooked instant rice
2 eggs beaten
chopped onion to taste
Parsley / garlic /salt & pepper to taste
Several celery stalks to lay on top
Large can of sauerkraut - drained (more kraut can be used in you really like it)
Large can of diced or stewed tomatoes - whichever you like

Preheat oven to 325/350 depending on how hot your oven gets (Grandma said she usually bakes at 350 and turns it down to 325 about 1/2 hr. before done)

Boil water in large pot.  Core cabbage & put in boiling water (carefully) & cook till cabbage turns lighter/brighter green.  (you want the cabbage to be soft enough to be pliable, but not so soft that they will tear)  
Remove, place in colander to drain & cool (can run cold water to help it cool).
Gently remove leaves from head.
Slice some of tough part of cabbage (the middle membrane) off before filling with beef mixture.  (this makes it easier to roll)

Place some kraut, tomatoes and some chopped cabbage (use the very small leaves from the center of the cabbage) in bottom of a roaster.

Combine beef, rice, eggs, onion & seasonings in large bowl.  Mix with hands.

Place some beef mixture at large end of cabbage leaf and roll (amount depends on size of leaf...around 2tbs give or take).  Place rolls on kraut/tomato layer with the rolled edge down.  Form one layer, then add more kraut/tomato mixture on top and then add next layer of rolls.

After all pigs are made, place some celery stalks on top for extra flavor, cover with foil & bake 1 1/2 - 2 hrs  

Note from Grandma: "Be sure to check pigs while they are baking to be sure they are not getting dry - add water if they look dry.  Should be liquid in the roaster."


Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

WOW... Now that's not my grandmother's pig in a blanket. Second recipe I see from you with sauerkraut... You are going to be my wife's favorite blogger

Staci said...

LOL! we grew up eating all kinds of kraut recipes. I need to get my girls to love it too! For New Years we make a pork and sauerkraut dish (for good luck) I'll get the recipe for that soon! :)

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