Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Noddles Hogging all the Broth??

Pin It Now! Have you ever made a wonderful soup with lots of flavorful broth...then add the noodles and watch all your broth get slowly soaked away??  I have done that TONS of time...and I wonder...what happened to my soup??  Where's all the lovely broth?  I wasn't making a stew here!  
You can imagine, then, how happy I was when I found this little tidbit.  I was surfing around for soup recipes, found one I liked and then proceeded to read the reviews.  One review mentioned this:

"When making a pasta for soups, you under cook it by about a minute, then strain and rinse it, and afterwards put it into a big bowl of ice water (mainly a bowl of ice with water to cover. Once it has completely cooled and is very cold, you can add it to the soup, after the soup comes down from a boil. Removing the extra starches and chilling it to  stop the cooking will make a huge difference in the texture of the pasta.  This will also prevent the pasta from absorbing a lot of the liquid in the soup and you won't need as much broth."

And what do you know...it worked!!!  My soups have been turning out amazing!  I think every recipe involving soups and noodles should mention this in a note section.  I know that I'm going to add it to all my soup recipes.  (one of the worst this happened to was my Pasta Fagioli...it turned into a pasta dish with no broth at all)  So, keep this little tip in mind when preparing your soups and you'll have great soup with all the broth that's supposed to be there.  Happy Cooking!  :)
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