Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Got a couple dozen leftover Easter eggs???

Pin It Now! One of my fave memories is shelling our beautiful colored Easter eggs...and making pickled eggs.  Yes, you read that right...pickled eggs.  Now, now, don't stick up your nose already!  If you like pickled beets (which I love)...you'll love pickled eggs.  Even if you've never tried these, it's really simple and the kids get a kick out of the pinkish-purple eggs.  They make great egg salads too!  This recipe is super easy...there are a ton of variations to make these, but this is my mom's way.  :)  We like the vinegar bite to it, so add as much or as little as you want.  We don't add any extra sugar either.  

1 dozen hard boiled eggs - shells removed
2 cans Pickled Beets (or more...enough to cover the eggs)
1 cup Apple cider vinegar (or to taste...Mom's way is just to add a bit, taste...add a bit, taste)

Place eggs in a large bowl or an extra large empty pickle jar.  Pour both cans of beets over eggs (I leave the beets in with the eggs)  Put in the fridge and...wait.  :)  It'll take a day or too.  You want that nice deep color to the eggs.

(this is not my photo...I'll take one after my eggs are done, just wanted you to see how pretty they are!)

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